UI牌 - 卡片和块状物 (UI Decks - Cards and Blocks)

UI牌 - 卡片和块状物 (UI Decks - Cards and Blocks)插图

UI牌 - 卡片和块状物 (UI Decks - Cards and Blocks)插图1

UI牌 - 卡片和块状物 (UI Decks - Cards and Blocks)插图2

UI牌 - 卡片和块状物 (UI Decks - Cards and Blocks)插图3

UI牌 - 卡片和块状物 (UI Decks - Cards and Blocks)插图4

UI牌 - 卡片和块状物 (UI Decks - Cards and Blocks)插图5

UI牌 - 卡片和块状物 (UI Decks - Cards and Blocks)插图6

UI牌 - 卡片和块状物 (UI Decks - Cards and Blocks)插图7


UI Decks是一个用于移动和Web应用程序的UI卡和块的集合。通过一个大的UI块和卡片库,你可以轻松地编辑和定制布局,这无疑会加快你的设计过程。它包含了来自12个类别的500多个块,涵盖了最常见的使用情况。还包括一个基本的风格指南,包括常见的组件和排版资产。各种各样的类别使你可以为客户的需求创建定制项目。例如,加密货币、NFTs、Project Mangament和更多。你所需要的一切都在一个软件包中,以便更紧密地合作,更快地创造和呈现更好的设计。
不要再浪费你的时间来建立完全从头开始的项目。预制的资产和元素将指导你在更短的时间内创建一个强大的设计项目。我们已经为网页和移动应用程序建立了一个高达500多个现成的UI卡。混合和匹配部分和变体,在几分钟内设计网站和仪表盘。通过简单、直观和可扩展的文件结构组织,提高工作效率。设置为Adobe Photoshop、Adobe XD、Sketch和Figma。
- 500多个UI卡和块
- 风格指南包括的组件
- 自定义矢量形状
- 100多个不同的信息图和图表
- 大量的UI元素库
- 与Adobe Photoshop、Adobe XD、Sketch和Figma兼容
✅ NFTs
✅ 输入模式


UI Decks is a collection of UI cards and blocks for mobile and web applications. With a big library if UI blocks and cards you can easily edit and customize layouts which definitly speed up your design process. Containing 500+ blocks from 12 categories to cover the most frequent use cases. A basic styleguide with common components and typography assets is included as well. A variety bunch of categories allows you to create custom projects for client needs. For example Crypto, NFTs, Project Mangament and many more. Everything you need in one package to collaborate tighter, create faster and present better designs.

Do not waste you time anymore to build up projects totally from scratch. Pre-made assets and elements will guide you to create a powerful design project in less time. We’ve built a whopping 500+ ready-to-use UI cards for web and mobile applications. Mix-and-match sections and variants to design websites and dashboards in minutes. Work efficient with a simple, intuitive and scalable file structure organization. Set for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch and Figma.


- 500+ UI cards & blocks

- Styleguide Components included

- Custom Vector Shapes

- 100+ different infographics & charts

- Big library of UI elements

- Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch and Figma


✅ E-Commerce

✅ Finance & Payment

✅ Charts & Infographics

✅ Progress & Bars

✅ Metrics

✅ Social & Community

✅ Crypto

✅ NFTs

✅ Project Management

✅ Input Modals

✅ Tables & Lists

✅ Essentials

✅ free customer support