iOS 10推送通知的赠品(iOS 10 Push Notifications Freebie)

iOS 10推送通知的赠品(iOS 10 Push Notifications Freebie)插图


这里有一个有趣的iOS 10推送通知的免费软件,是用Sketch为你的应用程序创建的。这个通知用户界面具有简单而优雅的设计理念,是一个理想的设计来源,你可以在你心中的任何iOS 10应用程序中使用。


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Finding some freebie tool?
Here's an interesting iOS 10 Push Notifications Freebie for your apps created with Sketch. Featuring simple and elegant design concept, this notification UI makes an ideal design source you can use on any iOS 10 app you have in mind.
It contains one Sketch file, clean, well-organized and easy to edit. Feel free to download it today and use it on your projects, enjoy.
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You may want to all files before you download.
Special thanks to Ivan Ledkov ( for designing and working for this.

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Thank you and enjoy designing!

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