Beluga - 免费字体(Beluga - Free Font)

Beluga - 免费字体(Beluga - Free Font)插图


除了图片和其他图形之外,字体对你的设计贡献很大 -- 它们为你的设计赋予了生命。Beluga是一种免费的脚本字体,它是一种非常漂亮的字体,也是给你的设计带来一点俏皮的个性的字体!在你的项目中使用它,如版面设计、小册子、邀请函、杂志等--并开始创造你的美丽声明。
特别感谢Polythene Designs(为其设计和工作。


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Fonts contribute a lot to your design, aside from pictures and other graphics -- they give life to your designs. Beluga is a free script font that is a really pretty font and the one that also gives your design a little playful personality! Use this on your projects such as layouts, brochures, invitations, magazine and more -- and start creating your beautiful statements.
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Special thanks to Polythene Designs ( for designing and working for this.

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