Odibee Sans字体(Odibee Sans font)

Odibee Sans字体(Odibee Sans font)插图


Odibee Sans是一种显示字体,我只用了一天时间就创建了它。作为Adam Savage的 "One Day Builds "的粉丝,我开始创建我自己的 "ODB",并在24小时内完成了整个字符集、数字和基本字形,但我后来又改进了设计,推出了第二个版本,其中有额外的拉丁文支持。该字体在SIL开放字体许可证下可用,这意味着你今天可以完全免费地使用Odibee Sans。


Odibee Sans is a display font, which I created in only one day. As a fan of Adam Savage’s One Day Builds, I set out to create my very own 'ODB' and completed the entire character set, numbers and the basic glyphs in 24 hours, but I have since refined the design with a second version, which has additional extended latin support. The font is available under the SIL Open Font License, meaning you can use Odibee Sans today, completely free of charge.