Linux图标 16px / 32px / .../ 256px(Linux icon 16px / 32px / ... / 256px)

Linux图标 16px / 32px / .../ 256px(Linux icon 16px / 32px / ... / 256px)插图






Do you wanted to use the infamous Linux Penguin icon for your digital projects? This penguin will never be as elusive as you think as we bring to you a free Linux Penguin icon all crafted in vector format and comes with its original colored version.
Feel free to select from 16px, 32px and 256px version of this icon and use it for your website, apps or even for your graphic based projects such as posters and letters. Enjoy this freebie and don't forget to follow us here at EpicCoders.
You may want to check all the files in the kit before you download it.

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Thank you and enjoy designing!