iPhone X模拟包(iPhone X Mockup Pack)

iPhone X模拟包(iPhone X Mockup Pack)插图

iPhone X模拟包(iPhone X Mockup Pack)插图1

iPhone X模拟包(iPhone X Mockup Pack)插图2

iPhone X模拟包(iPhone X Mockup Pack)插图3

iPhone X模拟包(iPhone X Mockup Pack)插图4

iPhone X模拟包(iPhone X Mockup Pack)插图5

iPhone X模拟包(iPhone X Mockup Pack)插图6


用这个伟大的iPhone X模型包来展示你的产品的多功能性!包含九(9)个华丽的模拟图,在每个华丽的角度完美地展示你的内容。通过这个模拟图,它华丽地突出了你的产品,并给它一个伟大的焦点和演示!
这个iPhone X模型包是以.PSD文件形式提供的,完全分层,并使用了智能图层技术,使编辑过程变得简单!只需双击智能图层对象,拖放你的内容就可以了。只需双击智能层对象,拖放你的内容,然后就可以了!
特别感谢Jonas Daehnert(https://dribbble.com/PhoneDesigner)的设计和工作。


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Your content in the right angle.
Show off your product’s versatility with this great iPhone X Mockup Pack! Contains nine (9) gorgeous-looking mockups to perfectly show off your content in every gorgeous angle it has. Through this mockups, it gorgeously highlights your products and gives it a great focus and presentation!
Create amazing impact with this mockups, feel FREE to use it on your presentations, websites, app, brochures and any other creative designs.
This iPhone X Mockup Pack is available in .PSD files, fully-layered and uses smart-object technology for an easy editing process! Just double-click the smart layer object, drag and drop your content, then that’s it!
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You may want to all files before you download.
Special thanks to Jonas Daehnert (https://dribbble.com/PhoneDesigner) for designing and working for this.

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