Bizwatcher商业应用UI工具包(Bizwatcher business app ui kit)

Bizwatcher商业应用UI工具包(Bizwatcher business app ui kit)插图

Bizwatcher商业应用UI工具包(Bizwatcher business app ui kit)插图1


设计作品:Mostafa Amh (


Hello there, Epic people!
Bizwatcher is an awesome UI for business mobile app design. This kit comes with well organized elements, clean design and editable content designed and released for free by Mostafa. We are excited to present it in our community here at
This UI kit has been designed for all iOS devices using Sketch app. You'll find a business app dashboard ui kit for iOS devices.
Feel free to download as it is a freebie. And if you are excited with this item as much as we do, please click follow and you will get notice for more cool products in the future. Cheers!
Design work by Mostafa Amh (