Foodly免费登陆页面(Foodly Free Landing page)

Foodly免费登陆页面(Foodly Free Landing page)插图

Foodly免费登陆页面(Foodly Free Landing page)插图1


特别感谢Abdullah Un Noman (为其设计和工作。


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Foodly is a free landing page ideal for your websites, food, and other related presentations. Comes with minimal concept and elegantly present your food through perfect use of white space, fonts, and food photograpy, this makes an ideal landing page for starting your own food website—whether it is just a food blog or some big restaurant.
This landing page is created with Sketch—uses vector elements and is very neatly done. It is also customizable so you can play with its look. Foodly will surely surely let your visitorsmouth water your with your food, so make to sure to download Foodly today. Spread the food—oh, I mean spread the creativity.
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You may want to check all the files before you download.
Special thanks to Abdullah Un Noman ( for designing and working for this.

Your feedback and opinions are very important to us! Should you have a question, concern or suggestion - don't hesitate to reach us out on our social media pages and we'll answer as soon as we can.

Thank you and enjoy designing!

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