Studyum免费3D图标(Studyum Free 3D Icons)

Studyum免费3D图标(Studyum Free 3D Icons)插图

Studyum免费3D图标(Studyum Free 3D Icons)插图1

Studyum免费3D图标(Studyum Free 3D Icons)插图2

Studyum免费3D图标(Studyum Free 3D Icons)插图3

Studyum免费3D图标(Studyum Free 3D Icons)插图4


Studyum免费3D图标是一个适合任何电子学习产品的定制3D图标包。用这些制作精美的图标创建令人惊叹的、独特的项目,在Figma中可轻松编辑,并可在Cinema 4D中完全定制。感谢Mitya Andrievskiy (今天分享的这个超棒的图标包!






Studyum Free 3D Icons are coming in a pack of custom 3D icons suitable for any e-learning product. Create stunning, unique projects with these beautifully crafted icons, easily editable in Figma, and fully customizable in Cinema 4D. Thanks to Mitya Andrievskiy ( for sharing this awesome icon pack today!
You may want to check all the files in the kit before you download it. This pack is free for personal use only.
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