IPhone8模拟图PSD免费版(IPhone 8 Mockup PSD Freebie)

IPhone8模拟图PSD免费版(IPhone 8 Mockup PSD Freebie)插图

IPhone8模拟图PSD免费版(IPhone 8 Mockup PSD Freebie)插图1


没有得到适合你需要的模拟图?也许这个是最适合你的,全新的iPhone 8 Mockup PSD免费版!有PSD格式,内置智能对象,更容易使用。有PSD格式,内置智能对象,更容易使用。因为它是现代的,精细的,但又是时尚的,这个模型是完美的,为您展示您的移动应用设计,iOS应用程序和主题以及。在你下载之前,你可能想检查一下套件中的所有文件。






Not getting a mockup that fits your need? Maybe this one is the perfect one for you, the all new iPhone 8 Mockup PSD Freebie! Available in PSD format with built-in smart object for easier use. Since it is modern, fine yet stylish, this mockup is perfect for you to present your mobile app design, iOS app and theme as well. You may want to check all the files in the kit before you download it.
Thanks to Px8 (https://px8.fi/) for sharing this fine-looking mockup to fellow graphic designers. So, if you find this freebie useful to showcase your design, now go-ahead to their page and portfolio!
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