Travelm - 旅游应用ui套件 (Travelm - Travel app ui kit)

Travelm - 旅游应用ui套件 (Travelm - Travel app ui kit)插图

Travelm - 旅游应用ui套件 (Travelm - Travel app ui kit)插图1

Travelm - 旅游应用ui套件 (Travelm - Travel app ui kit)插图2

Travelm - 旅游应用ui套件 (Travelm - Travel app ui kit)插图3

Travelm - 旅游应用ui套件 (Travelm - Travel app ui kit)插图4

Travelm - 旅游应用ui套件 (Travelm - Travel app ui kit)插图5


这是一个基于研究和伟大的用户体验(UX)的UI Kit,来自一群旅行者应用的用户。我进行了一些用户访谈,进行了一项调查,等等。


? Travelm is a UI Kit for travel, tour, and trip app, especially for travelers, and travel agencies. This UI kit is made with precision while maintaining modern design patterns and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

? This is a UI Kit based on research and great user experience (UX) from a group of traveler app users. I took some user interviews, a survey, etc.

? This is a clean, colorful, stylish, and useful UI Kit. Everything was made from scratch based on gorgeous reusable elements, components & symbols. Travelm is the fully completed UI Kit for your Travel app, Tour app, vacation app, trip app, and travel agency app.


My products are not just focused on user interfaces but also learn how they work. It was made for Designers, Developers, startups, and Design Agencies to speed up their process of designing a mobile app.

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