Judico - Figma 法律资源(Judico - Figma Legal Resources)

Judico - Figma 法律资源(Judico - Figma Legal Resources)插图Judico - Figma 法律资源(Judico - Figma Legal Resources)插图1Judico - Figma 法律资源(Judico - Figma Legal Resources)插图2Judico - Figma 法律资源(Judico - Figma Legal Resources)插图3


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Judico 是一个轻量级且复杂的 Figma 模板,专为律师事务所设计。这个漂亮的 Figma 模板带有简单的组件和 ui 元素,您可以完全自定义以满足您的需求。使用 Figma Judico 模板,您可以轻松开始设计现代法律网站。
亮点专为 Figma 构建,超级容易更改样式,简约而优雅,移动优先, Figma 自动布局集成,可编辑的颜色和字体样式,可调整大小的布局,引导网格


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Judico is a lightweight and sophisticated Figma template, made for law firm. This beautiful Figma template comes with simple components and ui elements that you can fully customize to fit your needs. With the Figma Judico template, you have the ability to start designing a modern legal website easily.
HighlightsBuilt for Figma,Super-easy to Change Styles,Minimal and Elegant,Mobile-first Ready,Figma Auto layout integrated,Editable color and font styles,Resizable layouts,Bootstrap Grids