Instagram 故事(Instagram Stories)

Instagram Stories


Instagram 快拍是一款专业、现代、优雅的 Instagram 帖子或快拍模板。励志板、每日故事、有趣的肖像、介绍您的产品等等。使用此 Instagram 帖子模板,您可以使用更具吸引力和专业性的模板轻松提高 Instagram 的质量。此模板是完全可编辑的,并且可以在 Adobe Photoshop 中进行自定义。
15 个 Instagram 故事模板准备用于 Instagram 完全分层和井井有条可以在 Adobe Photoshop (PSD)上编辑格式颜色:RGB150 DPI高分辨率尺寸 1920(w) × 1080(h) 像素使用免费字体通过智能对象轻松放置图像。可编辑的文本和颜色注意:
此处使用的所有图像仅用于预览目的只有 &它们不包含在主要的可下载文件中。


Instagram Stories, is a professional, modern, and elegant template for your Instagram posts or stories. Inspirational boards, daily stories, interesting portraits, introduce your products, and much more. With this Instagram post template, you can easily improve the quality of your Instagram with a more attractive and professional one. This template is fully editable and can be customized in Adobe Photoshop.
15 Instagram stories templatesReady to use for InstagramFully layered & well organizedCan Edited on Adobe Photoshop (PSD)Format color: RGB150 DPIHigh resolutionSize 1920(w) × 1080(h) pixelFree fonts usedEasy image placement via smart objects.Editable text and colorsNote:
All images used here are just for preview purposes only & they are not included in main downloadable files.