Instagram 故事包(Instagram Stories Pack)

Instagram Stories Pack


欢迎来到 Instagram 的专业、干净、现代和优雅的帖子!一组灵感板、肖像板、购物爱好者等等!为您的促销提供惊人的帖子!此产品包含 15 个超级容易编辑的 Instagram 帖子 。每个故事都是专业设计的:它们完全可定制并与 Adobe Photoshop 兼容。借助这些 Instagram 快拍,您可以以时尚和专业的方式轻松升级您的 Instagram!产品包括

  • Photoshop 模板(15 个帖子)
  • 准备用于 Instagram
  • 完全分层&井井有条
  • 高分辨率/视网膜证明。
  • 包括免费字体。
  • 所有形状都是基于矢量的。
  • 与列对齐网格。
  • 像素完美的形状。
  • 通过智能对象轻松放置图像。
  • 可编辑的文本、图像和颜色
  • 免费的 CC0 图片
  • 易于更改以适应任何大小的不同社交媒体


Welcome to professional , clean, modern and elegant posts for instagram! Boards of inspiration, portraits, Shopping Lovers and much more in one set! amazing posts for your promotion!This product contains 15 Super Easy Editable Instagram Posts . Every story is professional designed: they are fully customizable and compatible with Adobe Photoshop. With these Instagram Stories you can easily upgrade your Instagram in a stylish and professional way!PRODUCT INCLUDES

  • Photoshop template (15 posts)
  • Ready to use for Instagram
  • Fully layered & well organized
  • High resolution/retina proof.
  • Included free fonts.
  • All shapes are vector based.
  • Aligned to a column grid.
  • Pixel perfect shapes.
  • Easy image placement via smart objects.
  • Editable text, image & color
  • Free CC0 images
  • Easy to change for any size of different social media