Pinterest 帖子模板(Pinterest Post Templates)

Pinterest Post Templates


适用于 Pinterest 的完全可编辑风格的社交媒体模板。这种布局为您提供了许多创造力的可能性。这个包是为社交媒体、博客、时尚和生活方式品牌、电子商务商店产品和促销展示、杂志和创意业务。只需将您的内容放入智能对象并保存即可。特点:

  • 15 个 Pinterest 垂直格式模板(735 像素 1102 像素)
  • 150 DPI 视网膜显示优化
  • 完全分层且组织良好的 PSD 文件。
  • 完全可编辑的文本、形状和颜色
  • 完全可自定义
  • 单独的图像、文本和背景图层
  • 与 Adobe Photoshop 兼容
  • 使用免费字体
  • 非常适合年轻人的活动、趋势和生活方式。



Fully editable styled social media templates for Pinterest. This layout gives you many possibilities of creativity. This pack is prepared for social media, bloggers, fashion & lifestyle brands, e commerce shop product & promotion showcase, magazines and creative business. Simply drop your content into the smart object and save it.Features:

  • 15 Pinterest Vertical Format Templates ( 735px 1102px )
  • 150 DPI Retina display optimized
  • Fully layered and well organized PSD files.
  • Fully editable text, shapes and colours
  • Fully Customizable
  • Images, Text and Background on separate layers
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop
  • Uses free fonts
  • Ideal for young activity , trend and lifestyle.

Note : Preview images are NOT included.