Instagram 拼图(Instagram Puzzle)

Instagram Puzzle


Instagram Puzzle 是一款专业、现代、优雅的 Instagram 帖子和图库模板。鼓舞人心的帖子、模特摄影、产品画廊、介绍您的品牌等等。使用此 Instagram 帖子模板,您可以使用更具吸引力和专业的模板轻松提高 Instagram 的质量。此模板是完全可编辑的,并且可以在 Adobe Photoshop 中进行自定义。在 Photoshop 中使用这些模板非常简单。只需编辑文本并放置您的照片,您还可以编辑形状和背景的颜色、文本颜色。全部可编辑!您还可以在一个合成中包含 12 个正方形图层。特点:

  • Instagram 模板拼图 1080×1080 像素
  • 12 个正方形布局模板
  • RGB 格式颜色
  • 150 DPI
  • 使用免费字体
  • 智能图层
  • 整齐组织的图层
  • 完全可编辑的 PSD


  • 此处使用的所有图片仅用于预览目的 &它们不包含在主要的可下载文件中。


Instagram Puzzle, is a professional, modern, and elegant template for your Instagram posts and Gallery. Inspirational Posts, model photography, product Gallery, introduce your brand, and more. With this Instagram post template, you can easily improve the quality of your Instagram with a more attractive and professional one.This template is fully editable and can be customized in Adobe Photoshop. It’s very simple to use these templates in Photoshop. Just edit texts and put your photos, Also you can edit colors of shapes and background, text colors. All editable!. You also have got composed of 12 square layers in one composition.Features:

  • Instagram Templates Puzzle 1080×1080 Pixels
  • 12 Square Layout Templates
  • RGB Format Color
  • 150 DPI
  • Free Font Used
  • Smart Layer
  • Neatly organized layers
  • Fully Editable PSD


  • All images used here are just for preview purposes only & they are not included in main downloadable files.