Mave 英雄矢量(Mave Heros Vector)

Mave Heros Vector


立即创建您的真棒超级英雄或角色,并将其用作您的品牌或服务的宣传。这些小可爱的超级英雄一眼就让每个人的脸上都露出了笑容。创造一个可爱的超级英雄既简单又有趣。只需选择您的身体部位,将它们混合在一起,您将在几分钟内发现一个新出生的英雄。 “我可以用这些包做什么?”

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Create your awesome super hero or character right now and use it as promotional for your brand or service. These little cute super hero put a smile on everyone's face at a glance. It's easy and super fun to create a cute super hero. Just choose your body parts, mix them together and you will discover a new born hero in just couple of minutes. "What Can I Do With These Pack?"

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