Eventix - 活动预订移动UI套件 (Eventix – Event Booking Mobi

Eventix - 活动预订移动UI套件 (Eventix – Event Booking Mobi插图

Eventix - 活动预订移动UI套件 (Eventix – Event Booking Mobi插图1


它是通过使用 Nucleus 的组件设计的。Nucleus 组件库已被 Figma 社区下载超过 8K 次。
照片(仅用于预览,不包括在用户界面套件中):Unsplash 插图(仅用于预览,不包括在用户界面套件中)。
插图3D人物--DrawKit。插图三维片断 - Iconscout


Eventix is suitable and easy to be fully customized for any kind of event booking-related, however, the screens, components still can be used for other different products.

It is designed by using components from Nucleus. The Nucleus component library has been downloaded more than 8K times by the Figma community.

Support us on: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/nucleusui

Photos (are only for preview, not included in the UI Kit) by Unsplash Illustrations (are only for preview, not included in the UI Kit)

Illustration 3D Character - DrawKit. Illustration 3D Piece - Iconscout