Propertio - 房地产应用 (Propertio - Real Estate App)

Propertio - 房地产应用 (Propertio - Real Estate App)插图

Propertio - 房地产应用 (Propertio - Real Estate App)插图1


Propertio - 房地产应用UI套件由65个以上像素完美的屏幕组成,易于在Figma中使用。该套件很容易根据您的喜好进行完全定制,它利用了Figma的所有功能,包括全局颜色、字体样式、动态组件和变体。有浅色和深色模式。用这些整洁、干净、现代和出色的设计屏幕开发您的移动应用程序。


Propertio - Real Estate App UI Kit consisting of 65+ pixel-perfect screens and easy to use in Figma. The kit is easy to fully customize to your liking and it leverages all Figma features, including global color, font styles, dynamic components & variants. Available in Light & Dark mode. Develop your mobile app with these neat, clean, modern and outstanding design screens.