Jobhuntly - 工作委员会和门户网站UI套件 (Jobhuntly - Job Board

Jobhuntly - 工作委员会和门户网站UI套件 (Jobhuntly - Job Board插图

Jobhuntly - 工作委员会和门户网站UI套件 (Jobhuntly - Job Board插图1


Jobhuntly Web和移动UI工具包将帮助您的招聘网站和门户应用程序的产品或服务。它具有简洁和专业的风格,您可以通过设计组件轻松地编辑和定制所有元素,从而加快您的设计过程。
适用于 :
- 工作搜索器
- 公司和机构
- 人力资源与招聘
- 企业和专业人员
- 商业
- 还有更多
- 90个网络和移动屏幕
- 设计组件
- 风格指南
- 有组织的图层和艺术板
- 斐济


Jobhuntly Web and Mobile UI Kit will help your Job Board & Portal App products or services. Came with clean and professional style, you can easily edit and customize all elements with a design component that can speed up your design process.

Suitable for :

- Job Finder
- Company & Agency
- HR & Recruitment
- Corporate & Professional
- Business
- And many more

Perfect match for Landing Page, Dashboard, and Mobile. This set will be very useful for Designers, Developers, Startups, and Design Agencies to speed up the design process.

What will you get?

- 90 Web & Mobile Screens
- Design Components
- Style Guidelines
- Organized Layer & Artboard

- Figma

100% editable and customizable. The design elements and components are easy to change. Each page is organized, named & very easy to use.