Fipay钱包移动应用UI包 (Fipay Wallet Mobile App UI Kit)

Fipay钱包移动应用UI包 (Fipay Wallet Mobile App UI Kit)插图

Fipay钱包移动应用UI包 (Fipay Wallet Mobile App UI Kit)插图1


Fipay Wallet UI Kit是一个数字钱包、银行和金融移动应用。该应用以独特、时尚和现代的方式设计。这个应用程序共设计了61个UI屏幕,适应了当今金融科技界的需求。该应用程序的设计有三种格式,分别是Figma、Sketch和Adobe XD,这使得它很容易适应你的需求。


Fipay Wallet UI Kit is a digital wallet, banking and finance mobile application. The application is designed in a unique, stylish, and modern way. This application is designed with a total of 61 UI screens that have been adapted to the needs of today's financial technology world. The application design is available in three formats, which are Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD, making it easy to adapt to your needs.

It also includes 500+ components and a styleguide so it's very easy for you if you want to customize it further. The design is 100% vector based, uses google free fonts, and each layer is neatly laid out making it easier to customize.

In addition, the application design especially figma has been designed with fully auto layout, so it is very adaptive if you want to delete or add some parts. If you are not familiar with auto layout, you can turn it off by right-clicking the layer, and selecting remove auto layout.

Be sure to check out the preview and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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