NFT Noce - NFT移动应用市场商店 (NFT Noce - NFT Mobile App

NFT Noce - NFT移动应用市场商店 (NFT Noce - NFT Mobile App插图

NFT Noce - NFT移动应用市场商店 (NFT Noce - NFT Mobile App插图1


介绍一下Noce,这是一个用于NFT市场和商店移动应用的尖端高级UI工具包。如果你想获得一个像OpenSea、Rarible、Axie Infinity或其他的NFT市场的替代品,这个UI工具包可能是你的首选。 

它有深色和浅色两个版本,用Figma和Adobe XD设计,总共包含了130多个高质量的移动屏幕。这套UI套件具有时尚、简洁和现代的设计风格,易于定制,可以加快你的设计进程,并促进你的应用创意。 

默认使用 "Poppins "字体,它是一种免费的字体/字型,你可以根据自己的需要轻松地将其改为其他字体/字型。 

这个高质量的移动UI工具包为iPhone X、Xs、11 Pro精心准备了完整的符号和组件,你可以用于任何目的。所有元素的设计都是为了加快你的设计过程。 

所有的符号和组件都经过精心组织,命名合理,完全可以使用。使得在Figma和Adobe XD中的编辑和重复使用变得容易。


Introducing Noce, a Cutting Edge Premium UI Kit for NFT marketplace and store mobile app. If you want to get an NFT marketplace alternative like OpenSea, Rarible, Axie Infinity or other else, this UI Kit could be the 

It is provided in dark & light versions, designed in Figma and Adobe XD, and contains total of 130+ high-quality mobile screes. With a sleek clean and modern design style, this UI kit is easy to customize, speeds up your design process, and boosts your app idea. 

'Poppins' typeface is used by default, it's a free typeface/font, and you can change it to another typeface/font as you wish easily. 

This high-quality Mobile UI Kit is well-prepared for iPhone X, Xs, 11 Pro with complete symbols and components that you can use for any purpose. All elements have been designed to speed up your design process. 

All symbols & components are well-organized, well-named, and fully ready to use. Make it easy to edit and reuse in Figma and Adobe XD.