Yuno - 任务管理器应用程序UI套件 (Yuno - Task Manager App UI K

Yuno - 任务管理器应用程序UI套件 (Yuno - Task Manager App UI K插图

Yuno - 任务管理器应用程序UI套件 (Yuno - Task Manager App UI K插图1


Yuno是一个任务管理器应用程序UI工具包,具有简洁和光滑的风格,包含50个高质量的屏幕+iOS小部件UI和响应性调整功能,适用于iPhone X屏幕尺寸(375px X 812px)的iOS,随时可以使用,准备启动你的设计过程。
Yuno UI套件与Figma和Adobe XD兼容并能顺利工作,具有良好的分层和组织,响应式调整大小,全局颜色和文本样式,以及来自谷歌字体(Poppins)的免费字体系列。
- 50个屏幕设计在iPhone X尺寸。
- 套件的Figma文件。


Yuno is a Task Manager App UI Kit with a clean and sleek style that contains 50 high-quality screens + iOS Widget UI and responsive resize features for iOS with iPhone X screen size (375px X 812px) ready to use and ready to kickstart your design process.

Yuno UI kit is compatible and works smoothly with Figma and Adobe XD with well layered and organized, responsive resize, global color and text styles, and with free fonts family from Google Fonts (Poppins).

You will get:

- 50 Screens design in iPhone X size.
- Figma files of the kit.
- README Documentation.

Thank you!