Saska – 航运_快递应用UI套件 (Saska – Shipping _ Delivery App UI Kit)

Saska – 航运_快递应用UI套件 (Saska – Shipping _ Delivery App UI Kit)插图

Saska – 航运_快递应用UI套件 (Saska – Shipping _ Delivery App UI Kit)插图1

Saska – 航运_快递应用UI套件 (Saska – Shipping _ Delivery App UI Kit)插图2

Saska – 航运_快递应用UI套件 (Saska – Shipping _ Delivery App UI Kit)插图3

Saska – 航运_快递应用UI套件 (Saska – Shipping _ Delivery App UI Kit)插图4

Saska – 航运_快递应用UI套件 (Saska – Shipping _ Delivery App UI Kit)插图5

Saska – 航运_快递应用UI套件 (Saska – Shipping _ Delivery App UI Kit)插图6

Saska – 航运_快递应用UI套件 (Saska – Shipping _ Delivery App UI Kit)插图7


Saska是一个高质量的用户界面工具包,用于运输/交付和跟踪,具有电子钱包、信使和许多其他功能。Saska具有独特的风格和利基,你可以很容易地编辑和定制所有元素的设计组件,这可以加快你的项目设计过程。       Saska – 运送和交付应用程序UI工具包支持iOS/Android(包括设计系统)和180多个屏幕,是100%可编辑和可定制的。设计可在Figma中使用。此外,该设计还配备了浅色和深色主题的版本。       Saska是以一种时尚和现代的方式设计的,所有的层次都井然有序。Saska配备了一个有上百个组件的设计系统。设计系统配备了排版、图标、颜色风格、组件、元素、按钮、输入表格、警报、头像、复选框、芯片、网格、切换器等。       此外,figma中的应用设计已经被设计成完全自动布局,所以如果你想编辑、删除或添加一些部分,它是非常适应的。如果你不熟悉自动布局,你可以通过右键单击图层,选择删除自动布局来关闭它。       Saska UI Kit适用于。   运输服务应用程序   送货和快递应用   地图/GPS和跟踪应用程序   支付和电子钱包应用程序   信使应用程序(聊天和通话)。       主要的应用功能。   下订单、查询费率、查询附近的货物、帮助中心   实时跟踪运输和地图/GPS功能   电子钱包、支付和订单管理功能   信使功能(聊天和通话管理)。   入职、注册、登录、重设密码、账户设置、通知、搜索和跟踪、评论、帮助中心(常见问题和联系支持)、个人资料和设置       注:包括里面的所有图片/照片和预览中的模拟设计。       想向我提出UI Kit设计要求吗?   请填写以下谷歌表格。       请务必查看预览,并在下面的评论部分让我们知道你的想法。       让你的项目更棒!   与我联系


Saska is a Premium & High Quality UI Kit for Shipping/Delivery & Tracking with E-Wallet, Messenger, and many more features. Saska came with unique style and niche, you can easily edit and customize all elements with design components which can speed up design process for your projects. Saska – Shipping & Delivery App UI Kit support for iOS/Android (design system included) and 180+ screens which is 100% editable & customizable. Designs are available in Figma. In addition, the design is also equipped with a version of Light & Dark Theme. Saska is designed in a trendy and modern way, with all layers well organized. Saska is equipped with a design system with hundred of components. The Design System has been equipped with typography, iconography, color styles, components, elements, buttons, input forms, alerts, avatars, checkboxes, chips, grids, toggles, and many others. In addition, the application design in figma has been designed with fully auto layout, so it is very adaptive if you want to edit, delete, or add some parts. If you are not familiar with auto layout, you can turn it off by right-clicking the layer, and selecting remove auto layout. Saska UI Kit is suitable for: ✓ Shipping Service App ✓ Delivery & Courier App ✓ Map/GPS & Tracking App ✓ Payment & E-Wallet App ✓ Messenger App (Chatting & Call) Main App Features: ✓ Make a Shipping Order, Check Rates, Check Nearby Drop, & Help Center ✓ Real Time Tracking Shipping & Map/GPS Features ✓ E-Wallet, Payment, & Order Management Features ✓ Messenger Features (Chat & Calls Management) ✓ Onboarding, Sign up, Sign in, Reset Password, Account Setup, Notification, Search & Tracking, Reviews, Help Center (FAQ & Contact Support), Profile & Settings Note: All images/photos inside and mockup design in preview included. Want to make a UI Kit Design request to me? Please fill out the following google form: Be sure to check out the preview and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Make your project more awesome! Connect with me: