Kawaicon - 50 邮件字形图标集(Kawaicon - 50 Mail Glyph Icon Set)

Kawaicon - 50 Mail Glyph Icon Set


50 邮件字形图标,带有线条样式可帮助您为您的项目做出更好的设计。使用 32 像素完美像素构建。

  • 简单、现代和一致
  • 完美像素。我们用像素完美构建这个图标。让您的图标在各处看起来更清晰、更细致
  • 易于缩放图标轻松调整图标大小
  • 易于更改颜色您可以轻松更改颜色
  • 适用于 7 格式文件我们准备了 7 格式的此图标。如果您是 mac 用户,您可以选择自己喜欢的工具应用
  • 支持 Iconjar。您可以使用 iconjar 通过简单的拖放图标来管理图标
  • 非常适合任何项目您可以将此图标用于移动应用程序、网站、演示文稿、印刷设计等
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  • AI 文件(实时描边,扩展描边)
  • SVG 文件
  • PNG 文件(32px,64px,96px,128px)
  • PDF 文件
  • PSD 文件
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  • 图标文件



Good Icon Make Your Design BetterIntroduce our icon.
50 Mail Glyph icon with line style ready to help you to make better design for your project. build with 32px pixel perfect.
Why you must have this icon

  • Simple,Modern and Consistant
  • Pixel Perfect . we build this icon with pixel perfection. make your icon looks sharper and detail on everywhere
  • Easy to scale icon resize your icon easily
  • Easy to change color you can change color easily
  • Available on 7 format files we prepared this icon in 7 format. you can choose your favourite tools app
  • Support Iconjar if you mac user. you can use iconjar to manage icon with simple drag and drop icon
  • Perfect for any project you can use this icon for mobile apps, website, presentation, print design and other

What inside this box

  • AI Files (Live Stroke , Expanded Stroke)
  • EPS (EPS 10, EPS CS4 , EPS CC)
  • SVG Files
  • PNG Files (32px,64px,96px,128px)
  • PDF Files
  • PSD Files
  • Iconjar Files

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