Material Inspired Icons Master Set(Material Inspired Icons Master Set)

Material Inspired Icons Master Set


我的 Material Inspired 图标集的完整版。这开始是一个 Mac 图标项目,但我偏离了轨道并处理了更多图标。随着时间的推移,我会继续更新它,并且我也在开发 iOS 形状的图标版本。这个包包含 35 个图标,所有这些图标都在考虑到材料设计美学的情况下进行了修饰。一切准备就绪,适用于 Mac (.icns)、Windows (.ico) 和独立图像 (.png),如果您通过向世界发送推文来传播这个词,我将不胜感激!享受免费赠品!


The completed edition of my Material Inspired icon set. This started out as a Mac icon project but I went way off track and tackled a lot more icons. I'll continue to update this over time and i'm also working on iOS shaped versions of the icons.This pack contains 35 icons all retouched with the Material design esthetics in mind. All ready to go for Mac (.icns), Windows (.ico), and as standalone images (.png)I'd appreciate it if you'd spread the word by sending a tweet out into the world!Enjoy the freebie!