COVID 19 意识 Instagram 故事和帖子(COVID 19 Awareness Instagram Stories & Posts)

COVID 19 Awareness Instagram Stories & Posts


COVID 19 Corona Virus Awareness Instagram Stories &帖子模板

这个 Instagram 故事和帖子模板包含 20 种美丽优雅的设计。每个模板都是完全可定制的,并且与 Adobe Photoshop 兼容。您可以轻松更新您的 Instagram 故事和帖子,以时尚多彩的方式......!


  • 10 个 Instagram 故事设计


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    • 10 Instagram 帖子设计
    • 1080X1920(Stories 通用标准尺寸)
    • 1080X1080(帖子通用标准尺寸)
    • 基于免费字体的设计
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    • 智能对象中的图像占位符
    • 100% 可自定义(字体、颜色和图像)
    • Adobe Photoshop 可编辑布局
    • 组织良好的图层
    • 字体和图片链接给定
    • 包含文档

    字体和图片链接: 你可以找到字体和图片使用下载包中 (00_Read Me) 文件中的链接。

    注意: 所有图片、矢量和模型仅用于预览目的,不用于包含在下载文件中。学分归各自作者所有


    COVID 19 Corona Virus Awareness Instagram Stories & Posts Template

    This Instagram Stories & Posts Templates contains 20 Beautiful and Elegant designs. Each templates are fully customizable and compatible with Adobe Photoshop. You can easily update your Instagram stories and Posts in a Stylish and Colorful..!

    Templates Features:

    • 10 Instagram Stories Design
    • 10 Instagram Posts Design
    • 1080X1920 (Stories Universal Standard Size)
    • 1080X1080 (Posts Universal Standard Size)
    • Free Fonts Based Design
    • Place Holders for Images in Smart Objects
    • 100% Customizable (Fonts, Colors and Images)
    • Adobe Photoshop Editable Layout
    • Well Organized Layers
    • Fonts & Images Links Given
    • Documentation Included

    Fonts & Images Links: You can find Fonts & Images use link in (00_Read Me) file in your download package.

    NOTE: All Images, Vectors and Mock-ups are just used for preview purpose only and NOT included in the download files. And the credits goes to the respective authors