ZoSale-销售分析仪表板 (ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard)

ZoSale-销售分析仪表板 (ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard)插图

ZoSale-销售分析仪表板 (ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard)插图1

ZoSale-销售分析仪表板 (ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard)插图2

ZoSale-销售分析仪表板 (ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard)插图3

ZoSale-销售分析仪表板 (ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard)插图4

ZoSale-销售分析仪表板 (ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard)插图5

ZoSale-销售分析仪表板 (ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard)插图6

ZoSale-销售分析仪表板 (ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard)插图7

ZoSale-销售分析仪表板 (ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard)插图8

ZoSale-销售分析仪表板 (ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard)插图9


概述 ZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard 是一款高级和高质量的销售分析仪表板 UI 套件,具有 90 多个高质量屏幕,并且在 Figma 中易于使用。提供具有明暗主题的响应式设计。
UI Kit 适用于任何类型的应用程序销售、管理仪表板和相关项目,并且易于完全自定义,屏幕也可用于其他产品设计。
UI 套件利用了 Figma 的所有功能,包括设计系统、排版、图标、动态组件和变体。
感谢您的购买!亮点 30 多个高质量屏幕设计系统和风格指南可定制的有用组件浅色和深色主题可用的响应式设计井井有条的图层格式 14.9 MB in1 文件


OverviewZoSale-Sales Analytics Dashboard is a Premium and High-Quality Sales Analytics Dashboard UI Kit with 90+ high-quality screens and is easy to use in Figma. Available in Responsive Design with Light & Dark theme.

The UI Kit is suitable and easy to fully customize for any kind of app Sales, Management dashboard, and related projects, also the screens are usable for other product designs as well.

The UI Kit leverages all Figma features, including design system, typography, iconography, dynamic components & variants.

Thank you for your purchase! 😉Highlights30+ High Quality ScreensDesign System & Style GuideCustomizable Useful ComponentsLight & Dark ThemeAvailable Responsive DesignNeatly Organized & LayerFormat14.9 MB in1 File