Sendbae - 包裹跟踪 (Sendbae - Package Tracking)

Sendbae - 包裹跟踪 (Sendbae - Package Tracking)插图

Sendbae - 包裹跟踪 (Sendbae - Package Tracking)插图1

Sendbae - 包裹跟踪 (Sendbae - Package Tracking)插图2

Sendbae - 包裹跟踪 (Sendbae - Package Tracking)插图3

Sendbae - 包裹跟踪 (Sendbae - Package Tracking)插图4

Sendbae - 包裹跟踪 (Sendbae - Package Tracking)插图5


概述Sendbae 是一个用于监控和订购远征服务的应用程序,尤其是在印度尼西亚。 Sendbae 涵盖了印度尼西亚的所有探险活动,而 Rest 的设计采用简单、干净、极简主义的风格,配备 47+ 高级屏幕,也可以在黑暗模式下使用。
您将在此 UI 套件中获得什么:
- 100% 完全可定制
- 免费谷歌字体(国际)
- 组织良好的层
- 组件库亮点 47+ 高级屏幕井井有条的图层提供全球样式指南可用于黑暗模式主题组件库免费 Google 字体格式 42.0 MB in1 文件


OverviewSendbae is an application used to monitor, and order expedition services, especially in Indonesia. Sendbae covers all expeditions in Indonesia and Rest is designed using a simple, clean, and minimalist style with 47+ Premium screen and is available in dark mode too.

What you will get in this UI Kit :

- 100% Fully Customizable

- Free Google Font (Inter)

- Well Organized Layer

- Component LibraryHighlights47+ Premium ScreensWell Organized LayerGlobal Style Guide AvailableAvailable for Dark Mode ThemeComponent LibraryFree Google FontFormat42.0 MB in1 File