Ecobi - 食品和快递UI工具包 (Ecobi - Food & Delivery UI Kit)

Ecobi - 食品和快递UI工具包 (Ecobi - Food & Delivery UI Kit)插图

Ecobi - 食品和快递UI工具包 (Ecobi - Food & Delivery UI Kit)插图1

Ecobi - 食品和快递UI工具包 (Ecobi - Food & Delivery UI Kit)插图2

Ecobi - 食品和快递UI工具包 (Ecobi - Food & Delivery UI Kit)插图3

Ecobi - 食品和快递UI工具包 (Ecobi - Food & Delivery UI Kit)插图4

Ecobi - 食品和快递UI工具包 (Ecobi - Food & Delivery UI Kit)插图5


概述Ecobi 是一个 UI 套件,具有 Food & Delivery App 的所有全部功能。 Ecobi 带有友好和积极的能量,您可以使用有助于加快项目设计过程的组件轻松编辑和自定义所有屏幕。一切都连接到设计系统,所以你只需要更新颜色、标志、文本等,整个设计屏幕也会自动更新。
Ecobi 拥有 40 多个 100% 可编辑和可定制的屏幕。设计文件和设计系统是在 Figma 中制作的。此外,设计系统具有一整套组件和元素,如版式、图标、颜色样式、组件、变体、元素、按钮、输入表单、头像、复选框、切换等等。
最后,所有屏幕都设计了自动布局,所以如果你想编辑、删除或添加一些部分,它非常适应。如果您不熟悉自动布局,可以通过右键单击图层并选择删除自动布局来将其关闭。亮点40+ 高质量屏幕现代和简约风格易于定制可定制组件组织化图层全球风格指南格式30.2 MB in1 文件


OverviewEcobi is a UI Kit with all the full features of the Food & Delivery App. Ecobi comes with friendly and positive energy, you can easily edit and customize all screens with components that help speed up your project’s design process. Everything is connected to the design system, so you only need to update the color, logo, text, etc., and the entire design screen will automatically get updated too.

Ecobi has more than 40 screens which are 100% editable & customizable. The Design file and Design system are made in Figma. Also, the Design System has a complete set of components and elements like typography, iconography, color styles, components, variants, elements, buttons, input forms, avatars, checkboxes, toggles, and many others.

Finally, all screens have been designed with auto layout, so it is very adaptive if you want to edit, delete, or add some parts. If you are not familiar with auto layout, you can turn it off by right-clicking the layer and selecting remove auto layout.Highlights40+ High-Quality ScreensModern and minimalist styleEasy CustomizableCustomizable ComponentOrganized LayersGlobal StyleguideFormat30.2 MB in1 File