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概述AvoBa 是专为品牌和设计师设计的管理 Web UI 套件。套装包括 52+ Screen in Sketch、Figma、XD。帮助您创建自己的项目的完美工具。 AvoBa 拥有简约现代的设计,是完美的起点!
如果您对我的产品有任何疑问,请随时与我联系。亮点 52 高质量屏幕专为 Figma、Sketch 和 Adobe XDClean、最小和现代设计100% 基于矢量的设计聊天、电子商务产品、订单、客户、购物车、结帐, 商店页面...3 种不同类型的 ChartsFormat222.3 MB in1 个文件


OverviewAvoBa is Admin Web UI KIT designed for brands and designers. Package includes 52+ Screen in Sketch, Figma, XD. Perfect tool to help you create your own project. With simple and modern design, AvoBa is the perfect starting point!

If you have any question about my product, don't hesitate to contact me.Highlights52 High Quality ScreensSpecially designed with Figma, Sketch and Adobe XDClean, Minimal and Modern Design100% Vector basedChat, E-Commerce Product, Orders, Customers, Cart, Checkout, Shops Pages...3 different types of ChartsFormat222.3 MB in1 File