3D 早餐图标 (3D Breakfast Icon)

3D 早餐图标 (3D Breakfast Icon)插图

3D 早餐图标 (3D Breakfast Icon)插图1

3D 早餐图标 (3D Breakfast Icon)插图2

3D 早餐图标 (3D Breakfast Icon)插图3

3D 早餐图标 (3D Breakfast Icon)插图4

3D 早餐图标 (3D Breakfast Icon)插图5


概述3D 早餐图标
使用这些充满爱和激情的简约 3D 图标升级您的项目。非常适合您的登陆、应用程序、演示文稿和其他项目。您可以轻松更改搅拌机上的颜色和纹理,使其与您的品牌准则完美匹配。
- 25 个独特的 3D 资源
- 25.png
- 25.混合
- 有组织的层搅拌机
- 高分辨率 PNG(3000 x 3000 像素)
包含文件:Blender 和 Png FileHighlights25 Well 早餐图标更改 Blender 中的颜色和纹理组织层 .blend高分辨率 PNG (3000 x 3000 px)透明 PngBlender 和 Png FileFormat332.9 MB in1 文件


Overview3D Breakfast Icon

Upgrade your project with these minimalist 3D icons that were made with love and passion. Great for your Landings, Apps, Presentations and other projects. You can easily change the color and texture on blender so it can match perfectly with your brand guideline.


- 25 Unique 3D Asset

- 25 .png

- 25 .blend

- Organized layer blender

- High Resolution PNG (3000 x 3000 px)

File Included : Blender and Png FileHighlights25 Well Breakfast IconChange Colors and Texture in BlenderOrganized layer .blendHigh Resolution PNG (3000 x 3000 px)Transparent PngBlender and Png FileFormat332.9 MB in1 File