3D 图标集 - 露营和旅行 (3D Icon Set — Camping and Travel)

3D 图标集 - 露营和旅行 (3D Icon Set — Camping and Travel)插图

3D 图标集 - 露营和旅行 (3D Icon Set — Camping and Travel)插图1

3D 图标集 - 露营和旅行 (3D Icon Set — Camping and Travel)插图2

3D 图标集 - 露营和旅行 (3D Icon Set — Camping and Travel)插图3

3D 图标集 - 露营和旅行 (3D Icon Set — Camping and Travel)插图4

3D 图标集 - 露营和旅行 (3D Icon Set — Camping and Travel)插图5


概述3D 图标增强了吸引力和信息量。它们提供了额外的细节层次,可以增强视觉吸引力的效果并吸引更多人对作品的关注。此外,这些图标可以轻松插入到任何项目中,因为它们可以以 PNG 格式使用。此外,颜色和材质可以在 Blender 中编辑。这些图标由 30 多个与露营和旅游相关的不同元素组成,包括帐篷、背包、指南针、篝火等。
对于图形和网页设计师来说,使用 3D 图标的优势包括:
— 加快工作进程
— 提高效率
— 提升视觉设计质量
— 为项目创造独特的风格
— 吸引对露营和旅游感兴趣的新客户。
图标可用于创建横幅、社交媒体帖子、徽标、网站和许多其他项目。此外,使用 3D 图标可以避免使用标准平面图标,使您的设计更加原创和令人难忘。亮点30 个独特的 3D 图标BlendPNG可更改颜色3000 x 3000 像素完全可编辑格式206.4 MB in1 文件


Overview3D icons enhance the attractiveness and informativeness. They provide an additional level of detail that can intensify the effect of visual appeal and draw more attention to the work. In addition, these icons can be easily inserted into any project as they are ready for use in PNG format. Also, colors and materials can be edited in Blender. These icons consist of over 30 different elements related to camping and tourism, including tents, backpacks, compasses, campfires, and more.

Advantages of using 3D icons for graphic and web designers include:

— Accelerating the work process

— Increasing efficiency

— Enhancing visual design quality

— Creating a unique style for the project

— Attracting new customers interested in camping and tourism.

Icons can be used to create banners, social media posts, logos, websites, and many other projects. Additionally, using 3D icons avoids the use of standard flat icons, making your design more original and memorable.Highlights30 Unique 3D IconsBlendPNGChangeable Color3000 x 3000 pxFully EditableFormat206.4 MB in1 File