Chatinc - 消息应用程序用户界面工具包 (Chatinc - Message App UI KIT)

Chatinc - 消息应用程序用户界面工具包 (Chatinc - Message App UI KIT)插图

Chatinc - 消息应用程序用户界面工具包 (Chatinc - Message App UI KIT)插图1

Chatinc - 消息应用程序用户界面工具包 (Chatinc - Message App UI KIT)插图2

Chatinc - 消息应用程序用户界面工具包 (Chatinc - Message App UI KIT)插图3

Chatinc - 消息应用程序用户界面工具包 (Chatinc - Message App UI KIT)插图4

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Chatinc - 消息应用程序用户界面工具包 (Chatinc - Message App UI KIT)插图6

Chatinc - 消息应用程序用户界面工具包 (Chatinc - Message App UI KIT)插图7


概述我们推出了一款名为 的新产品 - 消息应用程序 UI 套件
隆重推出名为 的革命性聊天应用程序 UI,它将把您的消息传递体验提升到一个新的水平!凭借我们先进的设计,您将享受时尚直观的界面,让聊天变得轻而易举。 视觉效果令人惊叹且易于使用,具有简化的布局,可让您快速轻松地访问所有对话。 的设计以用户为中心,提供优雅而高效的无缝体验。借助语音消息、视频通话和附件共享等直观的消息功能,您可以以最适合您的方式进行通信。但 不仅美观,而且实用。凭借适应任何屏幕尺寸的响应式设计,无论您身在何处,都可以保持连接。简而言之,我们的聊天应用程序 UI 是任何寻求时尚、用户友好的消息传递体验的人的终极解决方案。
我们准备了UI KIT,您将获得40多个高级屏幕,您将获得高品质的产品,这些屏幕注重图层、布局的细节,而且非常易于编辑。
你会得到 :
✅ 40+ 高级屏幕
✅ Figma 文件
✅可重复使用的 UI 组件
联系我们:hello@hatypo.studio亮点40+高级屏幕Figma 文件现代风格整齐有序的图层全球风格指南免费谷歌字体使用格式116.5 MB in1 文件


OverviewWe present a new product called - Message App UI KIT

Introducing the revolutionary chat app UI called that will take your messaging experience to the next level! With our cutting-edge design, you'll enjoy a sleek and intuitive interface that makes chatting a breeze. is visually stunning and easy to use, featuring a streamlined layout that allows you to quickly and easily access all of your conversations. is designed with the user in mind, providing a seamless experience that's both elegant and efficient. With intuitive messaging features such as voice messaging, video calling, and attachment sharing, you can communicate in whatever way works best for you. But isn't just beautiful - it's also functional. With responsive design that adapts to any screen size, you can stay connected no matter where you are. In short, our chat app UI is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for a sleek, user-friendly messaging experience.

We prepared a UI KIT and you will get a high quality product by getting 40+ premium screens, which are made with attention to details of layers, layouts, and also very easy to edit.

you will get :

✅ 40+ Premium Screens

✅ Figma Files

✅ Full Auto Layout

✅ Modern Style

✅ Neatly & Organized Layers

✅ Reusable UI components

✅ Global Style Guide

✅ Free google font use

This will greatly facilitate you in making a project, and does not require a long time.

Enjoy our product.

We are available for new projects

Contact Us : hello@hatypo.studioHighlights40+ Premium ScreensFigma FilesModern StyleNeatly & Organized LayersGlobal Style GuideFree google font useFormat116.5 MB in1 File