ChattyAI - 人工智能聊天机器人应用程序 UI 工具包 (ChattyAI - AI Chatbot App UI Kit)

ChattyAI - 人工智能聊天机器人应用程序 UI 工具包 (ChattyAI - AI Chatbot App UI Kit)插图

ChattyAI - 人工智能聊天机器人应用程序 UI 工具包 (ChattyAI - AI Chatbot App UI Kit)插图1

ChattyAI - 人工智能聊天机器人应用程序 UI 工具包 (ChattyAI - AI Chatbot App UI Kit)插图2

ChattyAI - 人工智能聊天机器人应用程序 UI 工具包 (ChattyAI - AI Chatbot App UI Kit)插图3

ChattyAI - 人工智能聊天机器人应用程序 UI 工具包 (ChattyAI - AI Chatbot App UI Kit)插图4

ChattyAI - 人工智能聊天机器人应用程序 UI 工具包 (ChattyAI - AI Chatbot App UI Kit)插图5

ChattyAI - 人工智能聊天机器人应用程序 UI 工具包 (ChattyAI - AI Chatbot App UI Kit)插图6

ChattyAI - 人工智能聊天机器人应用程序 UI 工具包 (ChattyAI - AI Chatbot App UI Kit)插图7


概述ChattyAI 是一款高级且高质量的 UI 套件,具有 AI 聊天机器人应用程序的全部功能。 ChattyAI 就像是对 ChatGPT、GPT-4 和 Google Bard 的改进。 ChattyAI 具有独特的风格和利基,您可以使用设计组件轻松编辑和自定义所有元素,这可以加快项目的设计过程。一切都与设计系统集成在一起,因此您只需在设计系统中更改颜色、徽标、文字等,然后整个设计屏幕就会自动改变。
ChattyAI 支持 iOS/Android(包括设计系统)和 215 个以上屏幕,100% 可编辑和可定制。 Figma 中提供了设计。此外,该设计还配备了Light & Dark Theme 版本。
ChattyAI 以时尚和现代的方式设计,所有层次都组织良好。 ChattyAI配备了一个包含数百个组件的设计系统。设计系统配备了版式、图标、颜色样式、组件、变体、元素、按钮、输入表单、警报、头像、复选框、芯片、网格、切换开关等。
此外,figma 中的应用程序设计采用全自动布局设计,因此如果您想要编辑、删除或添加某些部分,它的适应性很强。您还可以调整画板的大小,设计将根据您想要的画板的大小进行响应。如果您不熟悉自动布局,可以通过右键单击图层并选择删除自动布局来关闭它。
ChattyAI UI 套件适用于:
✓ Messenger 应用程序/聊天应用程序
✓ 27 种聊天指导人工智能助手:
业务 : 电子邮件撰写、回答面试官、招聘启事、广告
✓ 215+ 个现成屏幕
✓ 355+ 组件和变体
✓ 85+ 颜色样式
✓ 40 多种文本样式
✓ 1950+ 个免费图标
✓ 100% 自动布局
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与我联系:sobakhul.munir527@gmail.com亮点215+屏幕(iOS/Android支持)包含明暗主题100%可编辑和可定制设计系统和全局样式指南组织良好的图层和像素完美现代、全自动布局和网格系统格式13.6 MB in1文件


OverviewChattyAI is a Premium & High Quality UI Kit with Full Functional of AI Chatbot App. ChattyAI is like an improvement over ChatGPT, GPT-4, & Google Bard. ChattyAI came with unique style and niche, you can easily edit and customize all elements with design components which can speed up design process for your projects. Everything is integrated with the design system, so you only need to change the color, logo, text, and so on in the design system, then the entire design screen will automatically change.

ChattyAI support for iOS/Android (design system included) and 215+ screens which is 100% editable & customizable. Designs are available in Figma. In addition, the design is also equipped with a version of Light & Dark Theme.

ChattyAI is designed in a trendy and modern way, with all layers well organized. ChattyAI is equipped with a design system with hundred of components. The Design System has been equipped with typography, iconography, color styles, components, variants, elements, buttons, input forms, alerts, avatars, checkboxes, chips, grids, toggles, and many others.

In addition, the application design in figma has been designed with fully auto layout, so it is very adaptive if you want to edit, delete, or add some parts. You can also resize the artboard, and the design will be responsive according to the size of the artboard you want. If you are not familiar with auto layout, you can turn it off by right-clicking the layer, and selecting remove auto layout.

ChattyAI UI Kit is suitable for:

✓ AI Chatbot App

✓ Artificial Intelligence App

✓ Messenger App / Chatting App

✓ Language Model App

Main App Features:

✓ AI Chatbot App with Complete Features & Details

✓ 27 Various AI Assistants for Chat Guidance :

Writing : Write an Articles, Academic Writer, Summarize (TL;DR), Translate Language, Plagiarism Checker

Creative : Songs / Lyrics, Storyteller, Poems, Movie Script

Business : Email Writer, Answer Interviewer, Job Post, Advertisements

Social Media : LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook

Developer : Write Code, Explain Code

Personal : Birthday, Apology, Invitation

Others : Create Conversation, Tell a Joke, Food Recipes, Diet Plan

✓ Chat History & Search Features

✓ Pro Subscriptions with Multiple Payment Methods

✓ Onboarding, Sign up, Sign in, Account Setup, Reset Password, User Profile, Settings, Help Center (FAQ & Contact Support), & Many More

What's Inside:

✓ 215+ Ready-made Screens

✓ 355+ Components & Variants

✓ 85+ Color Styles

✓ 40+ Text Styles

✓ 1950+ Free Icons

✓ 100% Auto Layout

✓ And much more

Note: All images/photos in the preview are included.

Assets: Unsplash, unDraw

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Connect with me: sobakhul.munir527@gmail.comHighlights215+ Screens (iOS/Android Support)Light & Dark Theme Included100% Editable & CustomizableDesign System & Global StyleguideWell Organized Layers & Pixel PerfectModern, Fully Auto Layout, & Grid SystemFormat13.6 MB in1 File