Coca - 销售点 (Coca - Point of Sales)

Coca - 销售点 (Coca - Point of Sales)插图

Coca - 销售点 (Coca - Point of Sales)插图1

Coca - 销售点 (Coca - Point of Sales)插图2

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快抓住它! Chersss!!!亮点 20+ 屏幕包括 Figma 文件包括仪表板世界级 UI 设计分层且组织良好色彩丰富且有趣格式 116.1 MB in1 文件


OverviewCoca helps restaurants and retailers to develop a point of sales system. This product is equipped with employee logins, table settings, payments, discounts, and sales dashboards.

The design was fun, It's high flexibility to customize and fully documented.

Grab it fast! Chersss!!!Highlights20+ ScreensFigma Files IncludedDashboard IncludedWorld Class UI DesignLayered & Well OrganizedColorfull and FunFormat116.1 MB in1 File