约会应用程序 UI 工具包 ( - Dating App UI Kit) 约会应用程序 UI 工具包 ( - Dating App UI Kit)插图 约会应用程序 UI 工具包 ( - Dating App UI Kit)插图1 约会应用程序 UI 工具包 ( - Dating App UI Kit)插图2 约会应用程序 UI 工具包 ( - Dating App UI Kit)插图3 约会应用程序 UI 工具包 ( - Dating App UI Kit)插图4 约会应用程序 UI 工具包 ( - Dating App UI Kit)插图5

-中文- 是一款约会应用程序 UI 套件,具有干净、简约和现代的设计,包含 25 个与 Figma 完全兼容的高品质屏幕。
该 UI 套件完全使用 Figma 自动布局功能构建,使设计完全响应任何移动设备,并使用全局样式和系统,包括版式、颜色、网格、间距、图标和插图。
UI 套件是完全可定制的,使您能够完全控制在自己的设计中如何使用它。
更重要的是,用于制作此 UI 套件中组件的设计系统与我提供的所有其他可用 UI 套件完全兼容,因此为您提供无限的选项和组合。亮点25 高质量应用程序屏幕自动布局组件包含设计系统详细文档有组织的文件结构完全可定制格式292 1 个文件中 .6 MB

-英文- is a dating app UI Kit with clean, minimalistic, and modern design containing 25 high-quality screens which are fully compatible with Figma.

This UI Kit is build fully using Figma auto-layout feature making the designs fully responsive for any mobile device and using global styles and systems which include Typography, Colours, Grid, Spacings, Iconography and Illustrations.

The UI Kit is fully customisable enabling you to have complete control over how you want to use this in your own designs.

More importantly, the design system used for making the components in this UI Kit is fully compatible with all other available UI Kits in my offer therefore providing you with unlimited options and combinations.Highlights25 High Quality App ScreensAuto-layout ComponentsDesign System IncludedDetailed DocumentationOrganised File StructureFully CustomisableFormat292.6 MB in1 File