Kerjoo UI 工具包 (Kerjoo UI Kit)

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概述大家好,我们想向您介绍我们新的 UI 套件。
Kerjoo 自由职业平台是一款优质的自由职业平台 UI 套件。 Figma 上拥有 140 多个高质量屏幕和即用型原型。
该 UI 套件非常适合正在寻找完整的自由职业应用程序流程的您。设计几乎涵盖了从登录界面到作品集页面、从自由职业者页面到支付结算页面、从买家模式到卖家/自由职业者模式等等。
包括所有 Figma 功能,从设计系统、风格指南、排版、自定义图标、动态组件和变体,并且它已准备好原型。
谢谢❤️亮点 140+ 屏幕组织良好组件和设计系统原型就绪 100% 可编辑最小、现代和干净的设计格式 1 个文件中 20.8 MB


OverviewHello people, we'd like to introduce our new UI Kit.

Kerjoo Freelance Platform is a premium and high-quality freelancing platform UI Kit. With more than 140 high-quality screens and ready-to-use prototypes on Figma.

This UI Kit is perfect for you who are looking for a complete flow of a freelancing app. The design covers almost everything from the login screen to the portfolio page, from the freelancer page to the payment settlement page, from buyer mode to seller/freelancer mode, and even more.

Includes all Figma features, from design system, style guide, typography, custom iconography, dynamic components & variants, and it is prototype ready.

Thank you ❤️Highlights140+ screenWell organizedComponents & Design SystemPrototype Ready100% EditableMinimal, Modern, and Clean DesignFormat20.8 MB in1 File