Lenny - 电子商务网站 (Lenny - eCommerce Website)

Lenny - 电子商务网站 (Lenny - eCommerce Website)插图

Lenny - 电子商务网站 (Lenny - eCommerce Website)插图1

Lenny - 电子商务网站 (Lenny - eCommerce Website)插图2

Lenny - 电子商务网站 (Lenny - eCommerce Website)插图3

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概述Lenny 是电子商务网站 UI 套件,具有 45++ 高品质屏幕,易于使用,设计干净、整洁、现代。可在 Figma 文件中找到。在平板电脑和移动设备预览中准备好响应
该 UI 工具包易于使用,并且可以根据您在任何类型的相关项目中的需求进行免费定制。 Lenny 为您提供免费字体、像素完美设计、支持组织层、全局样式指南、与动态组件的一致设计。
感谢您购买我们的 UI 套件! ���亮点基于像素完美组件全局样式指南免费 Google 字体轻松可定制有组织的图层格式1 个文件中 50.4 MB


OverviewLenny is eCommerce Website UI Kit with 45++ high-quality screens and is easy to use with clean, neat, and modern design. Available in Figma file. Ready responsive in Tablet & Mobile Preview

This UI Kit is easy to use and free to customize for your needs in any kind of related project. Lenny supports you with free font, pixel-perfect design, support organized layer, global style guide, consistent design with dynamic components.

Thank you for purchasing our UI Kit! 😉HighlightsPixel PerfectComponent BasedGlobal Style GuideFree Google FontEasy CustomizableOrganized LayerFormat50.4 MB in1 File