Medicly-医疗应用程序 UI 工具包 (Medicly-Medical App UI Kit)

Medicly-医疗应用程序 UI 工具包 (Medicly-Medical App UI Kit)插图

Medicly-医疗应用程序 UI 工具包 (Medicly-Medical App UI Kit)插图1

Medicly-医疗应用程序 UI 工具包 (Medicly-Medical App UI Kit)插图2

Medicly-医疗应用程序 UI 工具包 (Medicly-Medical App UI Kit)插图3

Medicly-医疗应用程序 UI 工具包 (Medicly-Medical App UI Kit)插图4

Medicly-医疗应用程序 UI 工具包 (Medicly-Medical App UI Kit)插图5

Medicly-医疗应用程序 UI 工具包 (Medicly-Medical App UI Kit)插图6

Medicly-医疗应用程序 UI 工具包 (Medicly-Medical App UI Kit)插图7


概述Medicly-医疗应用程序 UI 套件由 70 多个像素完美的屏幕组成,易于使用。该套件很容易根据您的喜好进行完全定制,并利用所有功能,包括全局颜色、字体样式、动态组件和变体。Medicly 非常适合与诊所聊天、有关健康问题的新闻、在线药房订单、与诊所预约,检查医院的日程安排和您的日常活动。我们不仅为 sketch 文件创建版本,还为 Figma 文件创建版本,因此它非常容易编辑。易于使用,屏幕可供 iOS 和 Android 应用程序使用。您可以轻松更改任何设计。它很容易定制并且有很好的文档记录。
-70+ 屏幕布局
-100% 矢量和可定制
- 轻松定制无花果文件
-分辨率:375×812 ~iPhone X/XS/11 Pro
- 像素完美设计
- 命名图层和组的文件
- 菲格玛
谢谢亮点组织层和组70+独特和现代的屏幕375 x 812分辨率完整的风格指南和设计系统200+元素和像素完美100%矢量和可定制格式15.0 MB in1文件


OverviewMedicly-Medical App UI Kit consisting of 70+ pixel-perfect screens and easy to use. The kit is easy to fully customize to your liking and it leverages all features, including global color, font styles, dynamic components & variants.Medicly is great for Chat with clinic, news about the health issues, online pharmacy order, make appointment with clinic, check schedule with hospital and your daily activity. We create versions for not only sketch file also Figma file so it’s really easy to editable. Easy to use and screens is ready to use for iOS & Android app. You can easily change any design. It’s easy to customize and also well documented.


-70+ Screens Layouts

-Creative, clean, unique, and modern style

-100% Vector and Customizable

-Easy customizable Fig files

-Resolution: 375×812 ~iPhone X/XS/11 Pro

-Pixel Perfect Design

-File named layers and groups


- Figma

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Thank YouHighlightsOrganized Layer & Group70+ Unique & Modern Screen375 x 812 ResolutionFull style guide and design system200 + Elements & Pixel Perfect100% Vector and CustomizableFormat15.0 MB in1 File