SaaS - EzyCRM UI Kit (SaaS - EzyCRM UI Kit)

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概述介绍 EzyCRM - 一个全面而详细的 UI 套件,提供现代而简洁的设计。凭借 50 多个设计精美的网页和移动应用程序屏幕,您将拥有创建令人惊叹的 SaaS 仪表板所需的一切。
我们的 UI 套件包含 50 多个独特的组件,这些组件可轻松定制且基于矢量,确保所有对象和符号都可以轻松编辑。
EzyCRM 非常适合一系列项目,包括 SaaS、CRM 管理仪表板、电子商务和销售管理。要探索所有可用的页面和屏幕,请查看我们的实时预览。
我们致力于不断改进和更新我们的 UI 套件,以确保其紧跟最新的设计趋势和实践。我们最近的更新包括对颜色变量和文本样式的支持,以及对 Line Awesome 字体的更新。我们已为 Figma 提供了这些更新。
请注意,本产品仅包含图形资源 (Figma) 文件。如果您正在寻找 HTML 模板,请联系我们以获取更多信息。
投资 EzyCRM,通过我们全面且高度可定制的 UI 套件将您的 SaaS 项目提升到一个新的水平。亮点 50 多个强大的模板包含线框Figma 自动布局免费谷歌字体完全响应式Light 模式格式 19.9 MB in1 文件


OverviewIntroducing EzyCRM - a comprehensive and detailed UI kit that offers a modern and clean design. With 50+ beautifully designed web pages and mobile app screens, you'll have everything you need to create a stunning SaaS dashboard.

Our UI kit is packed with over 50+ unique components that are easily customizable and vector-based, ensuring that all objects and symbols can be edited with ease.

EzyCRM is ideal for a range of projects, including SaaS, CRM Admin Dashboards, E-commerce, and Sales management. To explore all the pages and screens available, take a look at our live preview.

We are committed to continuously improving and updating our UI kit to ensure that it stays up-to-date with the latest design trends and practices. Our most recent updates include support for color variables and text styles, along with an update to Line Awesome font. We've made these updates available for Figma.

Please note that this product includes graphics assets (Figma) files only. If you're looking for an HTML template, please reach out to us for more information.

Invest in EzyCRM and take your SaaS projects to the next level with our comprehensive and highly customizable UI kit.Highlights50+ powerful templateWireframe IncludedFigma auto-layoutFree google fontsFully ResponsiveLight modeFormat19.9 MB in1 File