Uicon V2.0 动画图标 (Uicon V2.0 Animated Icons)

Uicon V2.0 动画图标 (Uicon V2.0 Animated Icons)插图

Uicon V2.0 动画图标 (Uicon V2.0 Animated Icons)插图1

Uicon V2.0 动画图标 (Uicon V2.0 Animated Icons)插图2

Uicon V2.0 动画图标 (Uicon V2.0 Animated Icons)插图3


概述���准备好使用 Uicon V2.0 - 终极动画图标包! ���
���在这个最新版本中,我们为您带来了 100 多个具有现代线性风格的动画图标集合,将您的设计提升到一个新的水平。无论您是在开发网站、移动应用程序还是任何其他设计项目,这些图标都非常适合为您的项目增添优雅和精致的感觉。
���最好的部分是什么?您可以下载多种格式的 Uicon V2.0,包括 Ae、JSON 和 HTML,从而比以往更轻松地将这些令人惊叹的动画图标集成到您的工作流程中。
使用 Uicon V2.0 升级您的设计游戏 - 必备的动画图标包! ���亮点可编辑JSON / AE / 矢量可定制颜色更改速度高分辨率线条样式格式2.9 MB in1 文件


Overview🎉 Get ready for Uicon V2.0 - the ultimate animated icons pack! 🚀

🔥With this latest release, we're bringing you a collection of over 100 animation icons with a modern linear style that will take your designs to the next level. These icons are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your projects, whether you're working on a website, mobile app, or any other design project.

🚀Each icon in this pack is fully customizable and editable, allowing you to tailor them to your brand's unique colors and style. Plus, with the ability to adjust the movement speed, you can create the perfect animation effect that fits your design needs.

😁And the best part? You can download Uicon V2.0 in a variety of formats, including Ae, JSON, and HTML, making it easier than ever to integrate these stunning animation icons into your workflow.

Upgrade your design game with Uicon V2.0 - the must-have animated icons pack! 💫HighlightsEditableJSON / AE / VectorСustomizable ColorChange SpeedHigh ResolutionLine StyleFormat2.9 MB in1 File