GeForce体验。用户体验分析和案例研究(GeForce Experience: UX Analysis & Case Study)

GeForce体验。用户体验分析和案例研究(GeForce Experience: UX Analysis & Case Study)插图



你好,滴答网友最近,我刚刚结束这个案例研究。所以基本上,前些日子,我购买了一块显卡,这个案例研究都是关于我对Nvidea驱动软件的体验。GeForce Experience是一款游戏软件,它可以使你的驱动程序保持最新,自动优化你的游戏设置。因此,对这个软件的第一次体验,从下载到设置的整个过程,让我感到很沮丧。所以我决定做这个分析案例研究。在我展示问题的地方也展示了其中一个问题的解决方案。


GeForce Experience:用户体验分析& 案例研究

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Hello Dribblers! Lately, I have just concluded this case study. So basically, some days ago, I purchased a graphic card, and this case study is all about my experience with the Nvidea driver software. GeForce Experience is a game software that keeps your drivers up to date, automatically optimizes your game settings. So the first experience with this software, from download to setting up the whole process, was frustrating for me. So I decide to make this analysis case study. Where I show the problem also show a solution to one of the problems.

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GeForce Experience: UX Analysis & Case Study

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