iPhone 7封面模拟图(iPhone 7 cover mockup)

iPhone 7封面模拟图(iPhone 7 cover mockup)插图


这里有一个iPhone 7的外壳模型,让你们看看你们的作品在iPhone 7中是什么样子。
你可以选择普通的外观和感觉或皮革的,你也可以改变你最喜欢的iPhone 7版本(红色,黑色,喷漆黑,金色,玫瑰金和银色),并改变/删除外壳上的苹果标志。


Here's a iPhone 7 case Mockup for you guys to see how your artwork will look like in an iPhone 7.

You can choose between the plain look and feel or the leather one, you can also change the iPhone 7 version that you prefer the most (Red, Black, Jet Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver) and change/remove the apple logo in the case.

Hope you enjoy this mockup and continue to do some dope designs!