Deutschmeister免费字体(Deutschmeister Free Typeface)

Deutschmeister免费字体(Deutschmeister Free Typeface)插图

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Deutschmeister Moderne免费字体是由Rick Lewik(设计的当代黑体字字体。它的灵感来自于Grobe Deutschmeister,它可能是由Berthold Wolpe在1934年设计的。然而,现在它通过消除典型的可变笔划宽度,出现了更好的可读性。它有三种重量,并有许多新的和替代的字形供多语言使用,包括连接词。所以,如果你喜欢这个Deutschmeister免费字体,请务必访问他们的作品集。






Deutschmeister Moderne Free Typeface is a contemporary blackletter typeface by Rick Lewik ( It is inspired by Grobe Deutschmeister, that was probably designed by Berthold Wolpe in 1934. However, now it appear with better legibility by dissolving the typical variable stroke width. Coming in three weights with many new and alternative glyphs for multilingual use including ligatures. So, if you like this Deutschmeister Free Typeface, make sure to visit their portfolio!
You may want to check all the files in the kit before you download it.
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