3d男性角色手持平板电脑进行演示。Psd溢价(3d male character holding tablet for presentation. Psd Premium)

3d 男性角色手持平板电脑进行演示。 Psd 溢价


这个 3D 插图非常适合以迷人和清新的外观展示您的设计。使用 Photoshop 中的智能对象功能很容易应用。因此,您可以在几秒钟内完成您的设计。也非常适合 UI 设计、展示、作品集、标题图像,甚至用于打印目的。
特点:通过智能对象易于编辑易于使用:有组织和命名的图层高分辨率 4500 x 4500 像素
Zip 包括:JPEG 4500 x 4500 像素PSD文件


This 3D illustration is perfect for showing off your designs with an attractive and fresh look. It is simple to apply by using smart object feature in Photoshop. So, you can place your design in seconds. Also great for UI design,showcase, portfolio, header images, and even for print purposes.
Features :Easy to edit via smart objectEasy to use: Organized and named layersHigh-Resolution 4500 x 4500 px
Zip Include:JPEG 4500 x 4500 pxPSD File