IT 团队插图包_02(IT Team Illustrations Pack_02)

IT Team Illustrations Pack_02


用于登录页面网站的 05 个矢量场景集。
此插图包的创建非常注重细节和美感。一切都是矢量和 100% 可编辑的。可以根据需要轻松调整大小并更改每个形状/图层的颜色。您还可以组合不同的元素并创建自己的插图。

  • 使用 Adobe Illustrator 创建
  • 100% 矢量和可自定义 li>
  • 美丽的风格和漂亮的形状细节
  • 快速换色层,便于重新着色


Set of 05 vector scenes for a landing page website.
This illustration pack is created with great attention to detail and aesthetics in mind. Everything is Vector and 100% editable. Can be easily resized and change colors of each and every shape/layer as required. You could also combine different elements and create your own illustrations.

  • Created with Adobe Illustrator
  • 100% Vector and Customizable
  • Beautiful style and nice shape details
  • Quick-color change layers for easy re-coloring