Monster Play Soccer - 可爱的贴纸(Monster Play Soccer - Cute Sticker)

Monster Play Soccer - Cute Sticker


你好!我很高兴介绍我的新贴纸“Monster play football”。使用这种独特的 “怪物踢足球”来表达自己,尽情发挥创意。插图非常适合任何需要独特便捷触感的项目 无论您的想象力如何引导您!
矢量格式!没有大小限制。如果您需要非常大的文件,您还配备了 AI、EPS 文件版本。

  • 1 矢量“怪物踢足球”(EPS10+AI)格式文件(如此简单自定义颜色、混合和匹配图案、调整大小和旋转它们,然后轻松应用于任何大小的区域。)

希望您喜欢它!最好的问候,Alexander Gusev


Hello! I'm happy to introduce my new sticker "Monster play soccer". Be as creative as you like to be in expressing yourself using this unique “Monster play soccer”. Illustration is perfect for any project that needs a unique handy touch whatever else your imagination leads you to!
Vector format! There is no size limit. If you need really big ones, you are equipped with AI, EPS files versions as well.
What will you get:

  • 1 Vector "Monster play soccer" (EPS10+AI) format files (so easy to customize colors, mix and match patterns, resize and rotate them, then apply easy to any size area.)

Hope you like it!Best regards, Alexander Gusev