Covid 商业计划平面彩色矢量图解(Covid business plan flat color vector illustration)

Covid business plan flat color vector illustration


Covid 商业计划平面彩色矢量图。锁定电晕病毒现实。企业隔离规则。经理人 2D 卡通人物,背景为大都市建筑数字插图,完美满足您的创意需求!立即下载所有可用文件,为您的项目提供现代且有吸引力的设计。 

  • ZIP 包包含 AI、EPS、SVG; 
  • 高质量 JPEG , PNG; 
  • 包括适合自定义、编辑和缩放的矢量格式。



Covid business plan flat color vector illustration. Lockdown corona virus reality. Quarantine rules for businesses. Managers 2D cartoon characters with big megapolis buildings on backgroundDigital illustrations that are perfect for your creative needs! Download all available files now to provide your projects with modern and attractive design. 
Product features:

  • ZIP package contains AI, EPS, SVG; 
  • High quality JPEG, PNG; 
  • Include vector format suitable for customizing, editing and scaling.

Enjoy your new design!