Covid 疫苗矢量平面插图(Covid Vaccine Vector Flat Illustration)

Covid Vaccine Vector Flat Illustration


介绍 Covid 疫苗矢量平面插图

我们制作高质量的平面矢量图资产,这些资产始终具有视觉吸引力。在本系列中,我们向您展示 Covid 疫苗矢量平面插图。您可以将它用于您的项目,例如网页图形、登录页面、横幅、社交媒体、书籍和其他相关的插图用途,并且对于您的项目目标来说总是很棒。

< p>这个平面矢量插图是 100% 矢量,可以调整为任何大小而不会失去其质量。我们希望您喜欢它并感谢您下载 :)


  • 兼容AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • 100% 矢量和可编辑主文件 (.AI)
  • 尺寸:9000 x 6000 像素
  • 颜色:RGB
  • DPI:300 DPI
  • 易于编辑
  • AI 文件就绪
  • EPS 文件就绪
  • JPG 文件就绪
  • 准备好PNG文件


Introducing Covid Vaccine Vector Flat Illustration

We craft good quality flat vector illustration assets which always visually appealing. In this series, we present you the Covid Vaccine Vector Flat Illustration. You can use it for your project such as web graphic, landing page, banner, social media, books, and other related illustration purpose and always awesome for your project goal.

This flat vector Illustration is 100% vector and can resize able into any sizes without loosing its quality. We hope you like it and thank you for downloading :)


  • Compatible with AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • 100% Vector and Editable Master File (.AI)
  • Dimension: 9000 x 6000 pixels
  • Color: RGB
  • DPI: 300 DPI
  • Easy to Edit
  • AI File Ready
  • EPS File Ready
  • JPG File Ready
  • PNG File Ready